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    BCM Campus is spread over 6.2 acres of land at the foot of Tekrihill, Dewas, a little away from Dewas ‘meta thalab’ on the Indore–Bhopal bypass road. The school building is creatively planned, secure, compact and purpose-built to create a dynamic student-centered learning environment. It is designed with utmost safety and security of students in mind.    Class rooms are Spacious, airy, well lit to support appropriate classroom behavior and learning experience. They are fitted with security cameras to meet the best expectations and avoid any untoward incidences.  Different labs, library, play grounds and all the other required facilities are designed to enhance the perfect learning experience in the campus.



Smart classrooms are technology enhanced classrooms that foster opportunities for teaching and learning by integrating learning technology.  These classrooms use computers, specialized software, audience responses technology, listening devices, audio-visuals and networking.

BCM has the facility of separate smart classrooms for each department and sections to make use live learning technologies. This help the students to understand the topic through the most advanced and creative method of learning.



The school campus and the building is under 24/7 surveillance.  All classrooms along with different sections are fitted with cameras. The school and its surroundings are under surveillance to ensure security.



The school has a well stocked library with reference and reading room facility. It has an impressive index of titles, covering fictions, nonfictions of different Indian languages other than English.  Dailies, magazines and other informational and educational periodicals are an addition.  Our rich collection of books is updated regularly. Students are encouraged to foster reading habits and a love for books from an early age.


The school has well equipped science laboratories for the purpose of enhancing practical applications, demonstrations and experimentation. Separate labs have been set up with all the required equipments and facilities for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Appropriate measures are taken to ensure safety and security of students in labs to prevent any kind of injuries or difficulties while doing experimentation. 



The school has well-designed computer labs with advanced infrastructure.  It houses more than 40 computers which are operated by well qualified faculty.  The labs have up-to-date hard ware and soft ware support to meet the requirements of the curriculum.  Students visit our computer labs with their class each week. They practice typing, complete the practical requirements of the lessons, learn digital media projects, and other curricular requirements.



A separate indoor play and activity area for Kindergarten provides a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for your child.  The area and equipments enhances multiple learning activities for children. They introduce children to different skills and help them to be occupied. They stimulate creativity and interests in young students and promote interaction and involvement. 


Art &craft studio is relatively a new concept in schools. It is to discover and develop the artistic skills and potentials of the students. A specious Art & Craft room is provided to explore and express their innate talents and creativity.  The studio has a variety of art materials to inspire and boost their creativity. The aim of the studio is to ignite the artistic mind of our students. 



A separate well organized Dance Room with the best acoustic, mirror fitted walls, computer, audio visual equipments and smooth floor is ready to train the students in all forms of dancing.  Training is given in classical as well as different modern dancing styles.  Due importance is given to dancing and theater since it helps students to stay energetic, physically healthy and mentally stress-free.


The school has a music room equipped with different musical instruments like guitars, keyboards, violins, drum sets, harmoniums and tablas. It helps children to develop their taste for music and allow them to master a musical instrument of their choice. Our school provides equitable access to every student the benefits that can be gained through its learning music. 



The school has a medical care unit with First Aid centre to take care of the students. All cases of injury or illness receive medical attention by qualified nurses and doctor on call. Emergency transport is available in case of any specialized medical attention required for students.   



We have a multi-purpose hall with stage, sound and lighting equipments to support school events. The hall has seating capacity of over a thousand and is appropriate for conducting all major school functions. The stage is large and divided into two sections.  Performances can be conducted simultaneously which is a major advantage of the school auditorium.



Yoga and meditation being deep rooted in the Indian culture, school has made suitable provision for is practice.  A separate room is provided with carpet, yoga mats and soft cushions.  Students who wish to participate in yoga and meditation sessions are encouraged to  make use of this facility.



Along with academics, physical fitness is given its due importance in the school.  With an eye to groom students into physically strong and mentally active persons, a range of sports and games are made available. We have both indoor and outdoor sports facility. They include basket ball courts, football field, cricket pitch and volleyball among the outdoor and badminton, table tennis among indoor.

Self-defense methods are also being taught to the students to help them protect themselves in case of any unruly social behavior while in the open. This helps them develop healthy attitudes towards life, boost self discipline, confidence and self-esteem.



Extracurricular activities are academic or nonacademic which does not fall in the normal curriculum of the course.  These activities are performed by students and are open to all. They are organized within or outside the school hours. Participation in extracurricular activities improves student’s abilities and intellectual growth. They open new avenues and better prospects for higher studies.  

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