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Vision, Mission & Philosophy





It is our endeavour to mould our students to be compassionate, progressive and professionally successful human beings responsive to global culture and heritage in an environment of sharing and caring.   We strive to provide a lively, warm and purposeful atmosphere suitable for the pursuit of excellence. The school will design programs and learning experiences that promote academic achievement and the personal and social growth of every student.


The mission of our School is to provide all students the opportunity to achieve the knowledge and skill necessary to become contributing citizens in our diverse society.  Our mission is to inspire students to be responsible, resilient and personally successful in the rapidly changing 21st century and to be a student centered model for educational innovation.


The philosophy of BCM is that education is for life and every child is unique. Hence the school is a vibrant learning centre where the young minds are free to explore their unlimited potential using the facilities and opportunities.  School is to be student-centered where confidence, self-reliance, self-respect, honesty and moral uprightness are instilled to face the ever challenging global society successfully rooted in the socio-cultural ethos of our motherland.

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