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Founded In the year 2002, BCM School offers an outstanding educational program.  At BCM you will find a school that is modern, dynamic, friendly, diverse, down to earth, totally rooted in the Indian society and culture.  We offer to your child excellent facilities combined with a group of efficient teachers and dedicated support staff. They work together to provide a well balanced, comprehensive and an all-round education which is our commitment.

We have established a positive and friendly co-educational community in which each child will have a unique journey. Transition from one school to another is smooth and enjoyable.   A team of highly experienced teachers make sure every child settles in to school life quickly.  With beginners or relatively small year groups teachers soon get to know every new child and start immediately to help your child reach full potential, both in terms of studies and how he/she develops as a person.

Our commitment to every BCMite is that they will acquire knowledge, skills and develop their unique personality along with a strong set of values and moral integrity when they leave the doors of BCM.  You as a parent/guardian can be proud of your child’s achievements and be delighted by the sort of person they have become.

I would very much like to welcome you to this unique experience and its warm and purposeful atmosphere.

Mr. Mahak Choudhary

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